Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Progressive Education--what is it?

Another short post:

For those interested in wading into the morass of definitions, you can go to the Progressive Schools wiki and participate in the challenge of trying to define progressive education on the PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION: Toward a Working Definition page.

Maybe this is an impossible task, or even a fool's errand, but I am exceedingly tired of running into characterizations of progressive education, old and New, that are based on paranoid or utopian fantasy, flimsy evidence, or what can only be deliberate misreadings of either seminal documents or actual practice.

I'd love to see what the Best Minds of My Generation can do to come up with a working definition to which actual porgressive educators can subscribe.

Again, nothing to "Read on" about. C'est tout.

Click below to participate in the PROGRESSIVE SCHOOLS wiki